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What can be done about spousal support debt?

Although a divorce can end the legal relationship between two Tennessee residents, they may continue to be connected through a variety of legal and financial ties. For example, if they share children then they may be required to work together to successfully execute their child custody plan. If one person is financially disadvantaged after the divorce, the other may be required to provide them with spousal support.

Spousal support may be created by agreement or court order and generally becomes part of a final divorce decree. It is therefore enforceable through the courts when it is not paid and those who fall behind on their spousal support payments may be subject to penalties for their delinquencies. Spousal support debt may be part of the financial problem that forces a person to look into their bankruptcy and debt relief options.

However, debts like spousal support are generally not dischargeable in bankruptcy because the payments on which they are based are established by the courts. When a person finishes their bankruptcy proceedings they may still have money due to their ex-spouse. In such situations they may have to renegotiate the payment of their spousal support debt to avoid future problems with their former spouses.

Debt relief plans can take on very different formats based on the needs and goals of those who require them. When individuals cannot fully discharge their debts in bankruptcy they may emerge from the process with financial obligations that they still do not have the means to pay. Through consultation with their debt relief attorneys and attention to the laws that govern their obligations, individuals can overcome post-bankruptcy debts for a strong financial future.

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