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June 2019 Archives

Can you discharge student loan debt through personal bankruptcy?

The student loan debt crisis has hit many in Tennessee hard. Student loan payments have risen to such degrees that people are being forced to make uncomfortable decisions, such as having to decide which bills to pay each month and which to put off. Sometimes even taking care of the necessities such as putting food on the table, paying rent or a mortgage, or paying for electricity or water become difficult if not impossible. When this happens, people may want to consider filing for personal bankruptcy.

Can I keep my car if I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

One of the common misconceptions about filing for bankruptcy is that you will lose all your possessions. This can be a scary thought. One asset that most people in Tennessee rely upon daily is their car. Without their car they may be unable to get their kids to school, get themselves to work, get groceries, or make it to doctor's appointments. For some people, the loss of their car could cost them their job and put their life at a standstill.

Credit card debt becoming a problem for college students

A whole new group of high school seniors have recently graduated out of their academic institutions and have prepared themselves for the future beyond their kindergarten through 12th grade educations. While some may begin their careers or training programs to enter the workforce, others may choose to continue their educations at two and four-year colleges. Those who do may have to take out student loans to pay for the education opportunities they seek to acquire.

Can credit card companies arbitrarily change interest rates?

It may seem as though the interest rates that Tennessee residents pay on their credit cards are all different and always changing. While there is some variation and volatility in these matters, credit card companies are not allowed to make unannounced or surprise modifications to the rates they charge. This post will address this topic in more depth but, as with all debt and bankruptcy matters, readers are reminded to always seek their own legal advice so that they can best manage their own legal needs.

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