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July 2019 Archives

For millennials, credit card debt is a growing problem

Tennesseans can run into financial challenges for a variety of reasons. These financial difficulties impact people across the spectrum, young and old. For some demographics, however, there are certain aspects of debt that are problematic for their specific group. Understanding the problem is one way to achieve a solution. To get to a better financial situation, it is wise to know the alternatives available and to take the necessary steps to solve the issue. Filing for bankruptcy might not be the first thought that comes to mind, but for millennials who are dealing with overwhelming credit card debt, it is an option to consider.

Disabled veterans may see student loan debt relief under new bill

Many servicemen and servicewomen from Tennessee and across the nation give more than just their courage to our country -- they give their health. These veterans may find that their disabilities have changed their lives forever, and in some ways have made their life more challenging. For example, if a person is so disabled that they cannot work, they may not be able to pay back their debts, including federal student loans. In fact, almost 34,000 veterans with a disability are behind on their student loan payments.

There are advantages to filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has a stigma associated with it, but it need not be that way. Rather than being a process that causes a person to lose all their possessions and become destitute, bankruptcy offers a means for debtors to repay many of their debts, allowing them to move forward with a clean financial slate.

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