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For millennials, credit card debt is a growing problem

Tennesseans can run into financial challenges for a variety of reasons. These financial difficulties impact people across the spectrum, young and old. For some demographics, however, there are certain aspects of debt that are problematic for their specific group. Understanding the problem is one way to achieve a solution. To get to a better financial situation, it is wise to know the alternatives available and to take the necessary steps to solve the issue. Filing for bankruptcy might not be the first thought that comes to mind, but for millennials who are dealing with overwhelming credit card debt, it is an option to consider.

Credit card debt becoming a problem for college students

A whole new group of high school seniors have recently graduated out of their academic institutions and have prepared themselves for the future beyond their kindergarten through 12th grade educations. While some may begin their careers or training programs to enter the workforce, others may choose to continue their educations at two and four-year colleges. Those who do may have to take out student loans to pay for the education opportunities they seek to acquire.

Can credit card companies arbitrarily change interest rates?

It may seem as though the interest rates that Tennessee residents pay on their credit cards are all different and always changing. While there is some variation and volatility in these matters, credit card companies are not allowed to make unannounced or surprise modifications to the rates they charge. This post will address this topic in more depth but, as with all debt and bankruptcy matters, readers are reminded to always seek their own legal advice so that they can best manage their own legal needs.

Aggressive approaches to alleviating credit card debt

Over the holidays, Chattanooga residents may have indulged in spending practices that are not normal for their lives. They may have bought gifts for their loved ones and friends, or they may have hosted extravagant parties with wine and food for the people that they care about. Some may have traveled great distances to be with the people who are important to them, and many may have spent more money than they intended to throughout the giving season.

Other than bankruptcy, how can I pay down credit card debt?

Credit card debt can become a problem for a Tennessee resident in the blink of an eye. The loss of a job or an unexpected medical bill can send a person of comfortable financial means into a tailspin of debt, penalties, and unpaid balances. When credit card debt takes hold of a person's life, they may be prepared to take drastic means to satisfy it.

States ranked on average consumer credit card debt

It is almost impossible to find someone who does not have at least one credit card in their wallet. While some Tennessee residents hold credit accounts with their favorite retailers so that they can get offers and deals through their cards, others have credit cards so that they can shop online without tying their checking accounts to their transactions. Credit cards are pervasive and in some cases their use can land consumers in a world of painful credit card debt.

Making minimum payments won't solve credit card debt problems

When a Tennessee resident receives a statement from their credit card company, that statement will outline what purchases the individual has made with their card in the prior month, what costs have carried over from prior months of purchasing and what minimum payment the individual needs to make to avoid penalties on the account. While some people choose to pay off their credit card bills each month in full, others are not able to do so and just pay the minimums to keep their accounts open and available for additional spending.

Prioritizing credit card debt when money is tight

If Tennessee residents can believe it, the holiday season has now arrived. It seems as though as soon as the last trick-or-treater got home with their bag of candy televisions across the nation were bombarded with advertisements for gift-giving, holiday-themed meals and other winter festivities. As the holidays approach, more and more people may slip into a problem that plagues many throughout the year: credit card debt.

Credit CARD Act requires creditors to disclose vital information

For most people, credit card bills become due once every month. A Tennessee resident may be able to pay off the entire balance of their credit card bill and bring their outstanding obligation down to zero. Another person may not have the savings to pay their bill in full and may only be able to pay off the minimum of what their creditor says they owe.

Overcoming credit card debt for a brighter financial future

When a Chattanooga resident secures a new credit card they are provided with a wealth of information about how the card may be used and how fees and other costs may attach to the user's account. They are told what their card limit is and how much interest they will be assessed if they fail to make full payments on their monthly account balances. This information is important and can have a significant impact on the card holder's financial health if credit card debt becomes an issue.

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