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Disabled veterans may see student loan debt relief under new bill

Many servicemen and servicewomen from Tennessee and across the nation give more than just their courage to our country -- they give their health. These veterans may find that their disabilities have changed their lives forever, and in some ways have made their life more challenging. For example, if a person is so disabled that they cannot work, they may not be able to pay back their debts, including federal student loans. In fact, almost 34,000 veterans with a disability are behind on their student loan payments.

What can be done about spousal support debt?

Although a divorce can end the legal relationship between two Tennessee residents, they may continue to be connected through a variety of legal and financial ties. For example, if they share children then they may be required to work together to successfully execute their child custody plan. If one person is financially disadvantaged after the divorce, the other may be required to provide them with spousal support.

Report suggests relaxing student loan treatment in bankruptcy

At present, the United States Bankruptcy Code only allows debtors to have their student loans discharged in bankruptcy if those loans impose on them undue hardships. Proving that a student loan imposes an undue hardship on a debtor is challenging and not always possible, even when a debtor is buried under the weight of their obligation.

Mortgage debt may be on the rise

Getting into the housing market can be the dream of many Tennessee residents. It can take years for a person to save enough money to put down on a home, and once they are able to secure a mortgage they must find a way to pay the monthly bills that arrive so that they are not evicted. While some individuals are able to stay ahead of their mortgage payments, others are sent off course by unexpected bills and other financial struggles.

Understanding options for remedying medical debt

When Chattanooga residents come down with an illness and must visit a doctor, they can find themselves with hundreds of dollars in medical visit costs, not to mention their expenses related to prescriptions, diagnostic tests and other related bills. If their condition is serious they may be sent to see specialists, into the hospital or into immediate emergency surgery to try to improve their health.

Loan consolidation as an option for managing debts

Individuals who have felt the heavy burden of insurmountable debts may have scrambled to find fast solutions to getting out from under the weight of unpaid bills. Despite their efforts, most will likely come to the conclusion that there are no fast fixes when it comes to getting out of a financial hole. While it is imperative that our readers get the right information about their specific options and needs, some Tennessee residents may find debt relief through the practice of loan consolidation.

What rights does a lender have to reclaim a house?

Buying a home or a parcel of property is a significant legal undertaking. The law takes seriously the transfer of land rights from one person to another; therefore, when a proposed sale of real estate is made, individuals must be sure that any and all title issues are in line. If a buyer cannot pay the full amount of the seller's asking price but still wants to purchase the property, the buyer will likely secure a loan for the amount of the purchase price that they cannot cover out of pocket.

Understand the difference between secured and unsecured debt

Buying a home can be a massive undertaking for a Chattanooga resident. After saving their money and enduring exhausting searches for just the right property, they may take the plunge and make an offer on the house of their dreams. If their offer is accepted, they will quickly find themselves in the process of securing a loan and taking ownership of their new residence.

Debt is a problem for Americans of all ages

It is an erroneous assumption that the only people who go into debt are those who are careless with their money or frivolous in their spending. Tennessee residents may believe that young men and women are more likely to go into debt because they do not have the life experiences to teach them to save for the future. A recent national study of debt shows that this belief is a fallacy and that debt is a problem for Americans of all ages and social demographics.

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