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Do's and don'ts when a debt collector files a lawsuit

Many Chattanooga, Tennessee, residents understand that debt relief options such as bankruptcy may require the debtor to deal with a number of creditors, or debt collectors, before the debt is paid. Sometimes, that may lead to a dispute between the debtor and the debt collector over a particular issue. In such cases, the debt collector may sue the debtor under the provision of Section 811 of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Protecting consumers from bankruptcy in Tennessee

Many Tennessee residents file for bankruptcy every year. Bankruptcy is often regarded as a sign of extreme financial problems. In many cases, one is compelled to file for bankruptcy, not only because of their financial miscalculations or bad investments, but also because they were victims of some fraudulent practices.

Medical bills lead to significant debt and often contain errors

For many Chattanooga residents who are facing mounting debt, it is usually medical bills which are the source of that debt. However, many things can be done to get debt relief for those large medical bills.

New change for potential homebuyers who went through a hardship

For many people who have filed a bankruptcy, gone through a foreclosure or suffered some other type of financial hardship, they are typically told they must wait two to three years in order to able to try and purchase another home. These people are then forced to pay rent or find some alternative housing arrangement during that time. However, a new program from the government may shorten that time to a year.

Debt relief may be coming for those paying down medical bills

As many Chattanooga residents unfortunately know, paying off medical bills is often a timely and extremely costly matter. Often times, those who need debt relief from medical bills have to suffer through having their credit damaged while they try to pay it all off. However, relief may now be on the way.

Young adults face higher credit card debt than their elders

As many Chattanooga residents know, after sinking into debt, paying off the money can be very difficult. Many young adults are now learning that they may be living with credit card debt for most, if not all, of their lives.

Debt relief company puts grandmother in even more debt

For some Chattanooga residents struggling with mounting bills, help in any form is probably welcomed. However, accepting help from the wrong company offering debt relief may actually put the consumer in even more debt, as one grandmother recently found out.

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