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Credit card debt down as consumer borrowing increases

As many Tennessee readers may know, attempting to get out of debt can sometimes feel overwhelming and impossible. It often feels like as soon as one debt is paid, another becomes due, making the climb out of a financial hole seem never-ending.

How to deal when credit card debt leads to a lawsuit

For any Chattanooga resident who has had to deal with the difficulty of paying down credit cards, there is always that fear of what happens if the payments can't be made. If the credit card debt starts to pile up so high that it becomes insurmountable, it is often inevitable that the credit card user could get sued by the credit card company.

Economic recovery may just mean more credit card debt

For any Chattanooga resident who has had to deal with unexpected expenses, unemployment or just couldn't make ends meet, is likely familiar with using a credit card to pay the bills. Unfortunately for many, credit card debt just seems to add up more and more and, eventually, it could become too much to deal with.

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