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Tennessee residents may need debt relief for high medical bills

For some Chattanooga residents, bill paying time can often be a difficult time full of hard choices about which bills are most pressing. For those with medical bills, those hard choices become even harder and debt relief may seem more and more out of reach.

Debt relief for some Chattanooga homeowners a few months away

When most people hear that there are massive bank settlements for billions of dollars, typically, they don't think they are going to benefit in anyway. However, in the case of one settlement, debt relief may be coming to millions of home owners sooner than they think.

Mortgage debt relief act set to expire

Although there are signs of improvement in the housing market in Tennessee and the rest of the country, it is still a very fragile recovery. Now, a tax break that has helped many floundering homeowners in a very difficult market is scheduled to expire at the end of 2012.

Movement tries to help Chattanooga residents with debt relief

Chattanooga residents may have heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement that was big in the news some months ago. Now however, they can get a more local experience with the group, since there is now an offshoot right in Chattanooga, trying to help residents with much needed debt relief.

For Chattanooga homeowners, mortgage assistance still available

In an article discussed recently on this site, we told Chattanooga residents about assistance that is available to help those struggling to keep up with their mortgages. For those who are still seeking debt relief, there is good news that the relief is still available.

Debt relief hard for many with student loans

Many students in Chattanooga are likely looking for student loans to pay for all or most of their college education. However, for those who come through school and do not get work, trying to get debt relief for student loans is often very difficult, though for some not completely impossible.

More debt relief may soon be on the way for Chattanooga residents

As many Chattanooga, Tennessee, residents know, the past few years have not been an easy time for those trying to pay off a mortgage. Debt relief by way of additional income has come rarely, as consumers and homeowners have been facing financial challenges, and it seems like the banks who loan these people money have been largely unable or unwilling to help a distressed borrower.

In Chattanooga, Facebook may aid debt collectors

Many hardworking folks in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who happen to fall behind on their debts, are forced to suffer from creditor harassment because of mounting consumer debts. Even while these people search for whatever debt relief they can find for their financial challenges, they are still pursued relentlessly by creditors, who do not want to give them a break. However, debtors may unintentionally be giving these creditors help in their pursuits by using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Report shows mortgage loan settlement aids Tennessee homeowners

There is good news for the Tennessee economy and homeowners, who have faced financial challenges in paying mortgages. A recent report revealed that homeowners in Tennessee are receiving a bit of debt relief from the recent mortgage loan settlement that was reached.

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